Fire Department and Ambulance

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The Elrose Volunteer Fire and Ambulance is made up of twenty volunteers. We have three EMTs and seventeen Emergency Medical Responders. The department is run on funding from the R.M. of Monet and the Town of Elrose.

Ross Oliphant has been the Fire Chief since 1985. Deputy Fire Chiefs are Allen McDonald, Brian Elliott, Rob Hopkins and Guy Torrance. Volunteer Members are: Ryan Giles, Trevor Youngstrom, Joe McKillop, Bill McKillop, Doug Joel, Morgan MacDonald, Randy Marchand, Blaine Sands, Barry Rowley, and Wayne Sweet. In the spring of 2011, nine new members began their training: Mitch Rowley, Justin Torrance, Ryan Becker, Greg Friesen, Mark Torrance, Brenda Elliott, Blayne Kutz, Dane MacDonald and Sheldon McDonald.

Through the generosity of the community and the commitment of the volunteers, we have a Class 1 emergency service for our community.