Services in Elrose

Currently the following services are available in Elrose:

1. Radio.

2. Two TV stations if you do not have cable or satellite, currenlty CBC is the strongest.

3. Cable TV. Access Communications offers a Basic Analogue cable package only. This packagae has 31 channels including such favourites as CNN, TSN, CBS, Peachtree, Spike, MUCH, YTV and more. Contact Access Communications directly if you are interested in this service.

4. High Speed Internet. Sasktel currenlty offers high speed internet to the Elrose area. They do not currently offer Sasktel Max services in our area.

For more information, please contact the service providers directly.

Memorial Hall

Usage Area Prices Notes
Memorial Hall Rental Prices
Upstairs Only $175.00  
Basement/Kitchen $225.00  
Total Hall $400.00 1 Day Only.
Weekend Rate $500.00 (Thursday to Sunday)
Fowl Suppers $250.00  
Seaty Capacity 476  
Dancing Capacity 357  
Funerals Donation

No set price as the family can decide on a

donation if they wish.








All parties renting the hall are responsible for the clean-up after their function per the posted regulations.

Dated this 25th Day of March 2014

Board of Directors

Elrose Memorial Co-operative Limited

Transfer Station

Town of Elrose Transfer Station

Hours of Operation:

Friday-Tuesday 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Closed Wednesday, Thursday and Statutory Holidays.

Tipping Fees:

Invoices wil be given out at the time of drop off. They must be paid within 30 days from the date received. Please make all payments to The Town of Elrose.

Furniture (couches, chairs, mattresses, etc.) - $15.00 each item

Freon Products (fridge, freezer, air conditioner, etc.) - $15.00 each item, $10.00 each if the door or lid has been removed.

Items resulting from the demolition of a building structure will not be accepted. You will have to rent your own bin and pay all applicable charges for the demolition of a building and disposal of said materials. (If you are demolishing, please ensure you have the proper premits in place).

Acceptable Waste (properly sorted), No Fee:

Bagged household garbage.

Metal - to be put into the metal pile.

Clean wood - to be put into the wood pile.

Branches and trees - cut into three foot lengths and to be put into the wood pile.

Any excessive quantities of waste may not be accepted due to lack of bin room. Contact Lanny at 306-378-7376 to confirm available room if you have a larger load to move to the transfer station.

Unacceptable Waste:

Vehicles and/or tires.

Recyclables such as paper and carboard (unless it is excessivley dirty/wet and cannot be placed in recycle bins).


Manure or liquid waste.


Animal or slaughter house waste.

Grain or screenings.

Checmical, herbicide or pesticide products or containers.

Petroleum waster including oil filters and oily rags.

Hazardous waste or radioactive materials.

Paint, paint thinner or paint remover cans unless empty and dried out with all lids removed.

Recycling Guidelines

PAPER FIBRE MATERIALS - Do not bag or tie.


CONTAINERS - Cleaned and rinsed, do not bag or tie.

Flattened corrugated cardboard and paperboard. (e.g., empty cereal boxes, empty detergent boxes, empty tissue boxes.)   Aluminum soft drink and beer cans.
Newspapers, flyers, inserts, junk mail.   Household tin cans (rinsed).
Magazines, catalogues, paperback books, hardcover books with covers and spines removed.   Milk cartons and jugs (rinsed, caps removed).
Telephone books.   Juice cartons, boxes, aseptic containers (rinsed).
Letter quality paper.   Plastic soft drink and water bottles (caps removed).
Brown paper bags, tissue roll cores, gift and packing paper, paper egg cartons.   Plastic grocery bags (inside another bag and tied), clean plastic food wrap and clean plastic product wrap.
Envelopes with or without windows.   Household plastic containers and bottles (must have the recycling arrows with a number [1 through 7] on the bottom.) (A container with the arrows but no number means the container is made from recycled materials but may not be recyclable itself and cannot therefore be accepted.)
Copier paper, computer print-outs, NCR paper (no carbon required).   Household glass, clear, green or brown (rinsed, lids removed).
Shredded paper (unbagged).    

The folloing is a list of UNACCEPTABLE materials. Please DO NOT dump these in the recycling bins.

1. Waxes, plasticized or food contaminated paper, cardboard, cups or paper plates.

2. Glass cups, dishes, ashtrays, window panes or glass, mirrors, pyrex, ceramics, lightbulbs or crystal.

3. Soiled tissues, napkins and paper towels.

4. Heavily dyed or coloured construction paper.

5. Styrofoam and other foam packaging materials.

6. Household garbage, organics, hazardous or regulated waste.

7. Contaminated plastic food or product wrap.

8. Hazardous chemical containers (e.g., motor oil containers).

9. Auto parts, batteries.

10. Any scrap metals other than household tin and aluminum cans.

11. Propane tanks, gasoline, or any other type of fuel container.

12. Wire or plastic clothes hangers.

13. Agriculture supplies waste (unless defined in acceptable list above).

14. Auto parts.

15. Any other items not listed in the acceptable materials table above.

If you have reviewed the list above and you are still uncertain about a material, please contact the Elrose Town office by email or telephone at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 306-378-2202.

Thank you!

Town of Elrose

Town of Elrose Custom Rentals

   Rental Rates 2015  
Town of Elrose Custom Rental Rates
3 Tonne Truck - Truck Only $30/Hour
                      - Truck & Driver $70/Hour
Tractor & Driver $100/Hour
Labour - Town Employee $40/Hour
Sewer Clean Out (Per Town Employee) $40/Hour
         (5pm-8am weekdays, weekends & holidays)  
Gravel - Stock Pile $15.70/Yard
          (Subject to price change, delivery extra)  
Dig Hole for Cremation

$50 Flat Rat

Sweeper & Driver $100/Hour