School Sites

Schools once stood on the following sites. Now they are marked by various cairns, signs or plaques erected by local community clubs:

School NameLand LocationYears
Fir Valley School SE 14-27-14 W3rd 1906-16
Fred Pike School SW 04-27-15 W3rd 1908
McNaughton School SE 28-27-13 W 3rd 1913-19
Forgan School Hamlet of Forgan 1916-70
Bonnie Plains School SE 36-26-15 W3rd 1910-16
Hughton School Hamlet of Hughton 1916-68
Windy Plain School NE 29-27-14 W3rd 1938-54
Aird School SE 03-27-17 W3rd  
Orvill School NW 14-25-13 W3rd 1915-38
Hester School SE 14-25-14 W3rd 1918-53
Milan School SE 05-26-13 W3rd 1927-47
Poplar Butte School SE 27-24-13 W3rd 1929-38
Coteau View school NE 21-25-13 W3rd 1948-65

A number of other abandoned school sites in the R.M.of Monet are as yet unmarked.