Appendix to Oil/Gas Development Permit

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Appendix to Development Permit

Conditions of Development Permit
Oil / Gas Well Drilling License Fee

  1. The municpalities oil/gas well drilling fee of $450.00 must be paid before drilling and accompany the Development Permit Application.  This fee is non-refundable on Development Permits issued after January 1, 2013 when a Development Permit is cancelled.
  2. No above-ground facilities may be closer than 150 feet from the centerline of the road allowance or 300 feet from the centerline of the road allowance at an intersection.
  3. Written request must be made to the municpality (include on Development Permit Application) if an approach needs to be constructed.
  4. Road approaches are to be constructed with a minimum 8 meter top with 5:1 side slopes.  There must be a 300 meter line of sight from the consrtucted approach.  As a result of any construction, if the natural flow of water is restricted, culverts large enough to accommodate the flow, 500mm minimum, must be used.
  5. No dirt is to be taken from the ditch or right of way without prior approval from the municipality.
  6. The issuing of this permit shall not relieve the holder thereof from responsibility for any damage caused to any public or private road/highway or to any public improvement or to any other person or property.
  7. No movement of oil/gas well or access road or approach construction equipment will be permitted on public or private roads/highways during adverse road and weather conditions.  The roads/highways must be dry.  After freeze-up the roads/highways must be frozen and the air temperature must be lower than -6 Celcius.
  8. The permittee shall pay and hereby undertakes to pay the municipality, on demand, such sum as may be required to remedy any damage caused to roads, bridges or culverts through the operation of the equipment or vehicles required or in any way arising from the operations covered in this permit.
  9. Effective May 1, 2011 there is an infrastucture operational fee of $6000.00 on all oil / gas wells drilled in the R.M. of Monet #257, upon completion of drilling, according to the Ministry of Energy and Resources Weekly Drilling Activity Report.  Any Oil / Gas Well Develpoment Permits that have been issued to date, but have not yet been drilled, are also subject to this fee.
  10. Water trucks for fracking and drilling wells must follow route appointed by R.M. once water source is selected.