Council & Staff of the RM of Monet No. 257

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Duncan Campbell, Reeve

Jack W. Elliott, Division 1

Tim Calwell, Division 2

Robert S. Ellis, Division 3

Douglas C. MacDonald, Division 4

James R. Myers, Division 5

Vacant   , Division 6

Division 1, 3, 5 and Reeve are up for election for a 4 year term in October, 2016

Division 2, 4, and 6 are up for election for a 4 year term in October, 2018.


Lori McDonald - Administrator

Meghan Nickason - Office Assistant

Ronald Demers - Foreman

Dale Baudria, Kenneth Bentley, Barry Bridger, Domi Cantojos Jr., Scott Carpenter, Dennis Dixon, Kelly Elderton, Justin Foster, Ruslan Furman,  Glen Horn, Raymond Pateman, Doug Taylor, Rebecca Watson - Road Crew

Cindy McKillop Janitor

Kim Giles - Weed Inspector

Justin Fox - Pest Control Officer


Taken April 8, 2015:
Left to right in the back row are:
Jamie Lehmkuhl, Division 5
Tim Calwell, Division 2
Doug MacDonald, Division 4
Robert Ellis, Division 3
Ron Demers - Foreman
Kelly Sedgwick - Division 6
Left to right in the front row are:
Lori McDonald, Administrator
Jack Elliott, Division 1
Duncan Campbell, Reeve
Louise Campbell, Office Assistant