R.M. of Monet No. 257

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Office of the R.M. of Monet December 13, 1909 is when the R.M. of Monet No. 257 incorporated. We celebrated our 100th Anniversary on December 14, 2009 with a beef on a bun luncheon at the Uniplex. Several old photos and records were available for viewing. Proceeds were donated to the Elrose-Monet District Recreation Board and the Monet-Elrose Fire District.

Majestic hills rising from rich, flat farmland are spectacular landscapes common throughout the Rural Municipality of Monet No. 257. The towering Coteau Hills are visible for miles and dominate the southern horizon, sprawling across the municipality's boundaries. To the west, the Greenan Hills are of lesser height with farms tucked into picturesque nooks. Straddling the R.M. boundaries to the northwest, the Bad Hills stretch into the distance. From several flat glacial basins of heavy clay deposits located mainly in the centre and northeast of the municipality, the surrounding hills provide an inspiring backdrop to rural life.



The R.M. of Monet is comprised of 17 townships plus 14 sections totaling 400,640 acres or 626 square miles. It surrounds the town of Elrose, located almost in the centre of the municipality at the crossroads of two paved highways.

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Highway 4, a primary highway, bisects the R.M. from north to south, and Highway 44, a secondary highway, nearly bisects the municipality from east to west. A single CNR rail line, extending from Saskatoon 180 km to the northeast and passing through the R.M. from east to west, provides rail service to this highly productive agricultural area.

The R.M. office is located in Elrose at 210 Railway Avenue East. A storage yard and the R.M.'s machine shop lie to the north on Hwy 4, but still within town limits.