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The R.M. of Monet No. 257 office is located at 210 Railway Avenue East, Elrose.

Phone: 306-378-2212

Fax: 306-378-2217

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Office Hours are Tuesday to Friday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. - 5:00p.m.

Commissioner For Oaths and Notary Public are available for signing.

R.M. maps are for sale at $10 each.


The R.M. of Monet No. 257 shop is located on Highway #4 North in Elrose.

Phone: 306-378-2855

Fax: 306-378-2856

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Jean Monette & Andre Monette

Jean Monette & Andre MonetteJean Monette & Andre Monette

Decendants of Fortunat Monette, Returning Officer for the organization of and namesake of the R.M. of Monet No. 257, arrived in Elrose on Tuesday, June 18, 2013. Jean Monette on the left(grandson) and Andre Monette on the right (great-grandson).  In the picture on the left they are standing on the homestead of Fortunat at SW 01-27-13-3.  Jean and Andre (father/son) travelled here all the way from New Brunswick where the Monette family has lived since they left our area.  When Fortunat completed the Returning Officer's Statement on October 4, 1909 he shortended his name to Fort Monet.  On this Statement he reported that on September 1, 1909: 36 people voted for the organization of the proposed R.M. of Monet and none voted against the Municipality.

R.M. of Monet No. 257

Office of the R.M. of Monet December 13, 1909 is when the R.M. of Monet No. 257 incorporated. We celebrated our 100th Anniversary on December 14, 2009 with a beef on a bun luncheon at the Uniplex. Several old photos and records were available for viewing. Proceeds were donated to the Elrose-Monet District Recreation Board and the Monet-Elrose Fire District.

Majestic hills rising from rich, flat farmland are spectacular landscapes common throughout the Rural Municipality of Monet No. 257. The towering Coteau Hills are visible for miles and dominate the southern horizon, sprawling across the municipality's boundaries. To the west, the Greenan Hills are of lesser height with farms tucked into picturesque nooks. Straddling the R.M. boundaries to the northwest, the Bad Hills stretch into the distance. From several flat glacial basins of heavy clay deposits located mainly in the centre and northeast of the municipality, the surrounding hills provide an inspiring backdrop to rural life.


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Prior to the arrival of Europeans, this area was part of the hunting territory of up to four nomadic First Nations groups. Numerous gravesites and teepee rings are still identifiable on unbroken prairie hilltops. According to local memory, visitations by native groups to the medicine wheel located on the highest promontory south of Elrose occurred up to around 1920. Other ancient sites of archeological interest are located within the R.M. (see Sites of Interest).

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