Referendum on Water Treatment Plant

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1. Dec. 4, 2002, contacts for Town of Elrose, none are on council now except Betty Knorr.
Dec 11, 2002 Municipal Reports Town of Elrose-In favour of feasibility study. Public Meeting....Oct 6, 2003All unanimously agreed to proceed with Phase Two.
There have been meetings, decisions, studies and commitments made for almost 10 years now. Nothing has been forced upon the Town of Elrose residents by the current Council.

2. The Town of Elrose is benefiting significantly by being a founding member of the Utility. Collaboration with our regional partners has yielded a very successful campaign for grant money from all levels of Government.

3. The Utility received one of four CSIF (Canadian Strategic Infrastructure Fund) grants in the province and the single largest grant under the last round of BCF (Building Canada Fund) grants. It was highly unlikely that Elrose would have received any level of funding for a water project if we had not joined the Utility.

IF the Residents choose to have the Town of Elrose withdraw from the utility and reject the funding that has been allotted as part of the utility, it is unlikely that funding of this kind will come back to the town in the form of a grant, particularly short term.


The CSIF grant covers up to 50% of a new Water Treatment Plant that will be built in Elrose. The remaining cost is shared between the Town and the R.M. of Monet.

The Town’s Share would be approximately 2.5 million, which INCLUDES:

-a new groundwater supply to replace the 3 existing wells in Elrose

-A NEW Water Treatment Plant, including a waste water disposal.

-Expanded reservoir capacity to provide the minimum required emergency and fire flow storage in Elrose.

-Replacement of the existing Water Tower Control building with improved equipment, controls and instrumentation.

A “SECURED” loan has been given to the Utility for 25 years.Your cost of $812.00 a year is a FIXED rate.

Our current infrastructure is in such poor condition we will need to do a full replacement -wells, water control building etc. So therefore we cannot retrofit with any of our existing infrastructure. Other projects in the province cannot be used as comparative examples for the Elrose WTP as most of them are updating existing Water Treatment Plants and every area has different bodies of water that require different treatment.

Construction costs have more than doubled in the past ten years and each project has its own unique challenges to overcome. The raw water quality in Elrose is extremely poor relative to other communities in the prairies and the concentration of contaminants that need to be removed necessitates a complex array of chemicals and equipment be used in the treatment process.

The perception that this is a Cadillac facility is simply “NOT TRUE”.

REGARDLESS of whether we are part of the Utility we CANNOT continue to operate as we are.

The Ministry of Environment has patiently waited for the Town to do these upgrades. BUT because we were part of the Utility they agreed to not put into effect the 2010 deadline.

IF THE Referendum passes and The Town of Elrose pulls out of the Utility then the Ministry will want a plan and an immediate schedule for the water system to meet the Provincial guidelines.


Our COST without the Utility will double or more per hook-up, as we will NOT have grant money or a secured bank loan for 25 years nor will we have our neighbouring municipalities to share the cost.

Residents have had historically low water rates in the community. However now that the new system has to be built from the ground up, the capital costs, even with funding are significant to the individual user.

This Referendum asks for the TOWN of Elrose to withdraw from the Utility.Even if the town is told from the Referendum to withdraw from the Utility we still will need to build a Water Treatment Plant. Would we NOT want to be part of the Utility Grant money?

If we do not move forward we may be told to put on a Boil Water Advisory until we meet the Sask. Water Guidelines.This means the Elrose Health Center, the school, the businesses are ALL affected.

PLEASE VOTE:NO we do NOT want the Town of Elrose to withdraw from the Utility.Please bring your PICTURE ID when you come to vote, or two pieces of information which include your name and one with an address (ex. birth certificate, social insurance card, and a utility bill)

Advance Poll: November 21 at the Town Office, 4:00 to 8:00 p.m.The regular poll will be held on November 28 at the Scout Hut, 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.